Mar 8, 2011

What is...

the difference between "funemployment" and "unemployment"?

Funemployment is 0-6 months after you either get laid off or voluntarily quit your job. Life is good, you drink in the park, eat goofy meals like chocolate cereal for dinner, and spend your days in a haze of sex, sunshine, and even creative freedom. Money is tighter but you've either saved enough or Uncle Sam is paying your bar tab and climbing gym membership. Also your butt looks great because you have the time to go for 2 hour runs every gloriously free afternoon.

Unemployment begins when you realize that eating ramen for every other meal is no longer delightful. You want to get hired and you're tired of living in a filth infused hipster commune. Also the government money doesn't last forever - the money runs out and you're either selling bodily fluids or pawning your electronics for cash. A job as a food service employee is looking promising but alas you have no experience. Drinking in the park has lost its luster and now you want to go back to doing something with a purpose. A purpose that pays for a facial and a pedicure once a month, a nice dinner every so often, and micro brews goddamnit. No more of this ghetto King Cobra shit.

Hey on an unrelated note, here's a picture of me as a muppet!


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