Mar 1, 2011

Goings on

In the last month I did another half marathon, went to Tahoe, threw a GOLD party and truth be told... the comic from last week as many people have asked was indeed a true story. Yesterday I FINALLY got to see my car that the hippy stole. Alas, he managed to put a pretty big dent into the front end so the old Ammo wagon will be in the body shop for a few weeks.

I'm signed up for Stumptown Comics Fest, so I look forward to seeing old friends and new faces in April.

Do you guys have any book suggestions? I haven't read anything that has grabbed me lately.

Also on a completely unrelated topic, FRINGE!! UST!! (unresolved sexual tension!!!!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guards! Guards!? By Terry Pratchett.

3/2/11, 12:35 AM  

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